Friends and Family

This is james jurnior- Frank and barbara the first three of my six children.

I will add names and comets on this and the next page as soon as I can. If you want your pitcher or a story let me know. If you do not want your pitcher or name on my site just e-mail me or call and I will remove them. A.S.A.P. thank you.

Dr. Eddy Buhr with Waxahachie Chiropractic Clinic. With his help, I am walking much better" feeling Better Also". 972-937-3100

Lucky in my office. 02-02-22.

This is my friend Joseph Bristow and we both like the MILFORD FOOTBALL team.

This is left to right my Aunt Ophelia my dad Evert Mosley and Ethel with his two sisters.

This pitcher was taken in 1903 in macy county south texas. This is my mother father my grand father James Tarver his elders daughter Minnie and my grand mother Elpha.

This is my family left to right RAYANN, MAURINE, ESTER, L.G. ,and LUCKY, MOSLEY.

my granddady Tarver in his old age.

This is my son Jim when he was a teen. Also did you know when he was younger he made some moves and a national commercial with Mean Joe Green for Coca Cola and a Six Flag commercial for a new ride.

This is chuck doing some stunt work for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Chuck was also written up in New York backstage when he was five years old for being the world youngest motion picture stuck boy.

This is me and two of my first cousins Rayanna and Selah, Lauderdale

This is my father Evert Mosley on the right and two friends the Alsup brothers. In 1931

left to right Me, Onie my sister Ray Ann's husband, and my grandfather Newt Mosley.

Me my Dad Evert Lloyd and granddaddy Newt, Mosley.

Barbara and family in north carolina.

CHUCK MOSLEY DOING A HIGH FALL at five years old . He was a member of the Dangerous Moment Stuntman Association. He all so did car hits and stairs falls.

Also Chuck did stunt work in the movie bad news bears breaks training.

This is my daughter Barbara her son Will Wright and her daughter Amy Wright.

My old friend and fellow actor Charlie Sievers

This is my old friend Charlie Sievers as "Old Gramps" and his friend world-famous rodeo rider, Larry Mahan

My son Frank Mosley

Ella May - James Junior and Frank

this is my son frank and the fish that he's caught

This is left to right Sid King - Lucky Mosley and Lester Mount .

This is Doris my wife's father Tony Lee on the right and his brother.

This is Ella may "smith" Mosley my first wife and the mother of my kids James Junior, Frank, and Barbara.

My mother on the left

This Is My younger Brother L. G. Mosley At His Home on His 81 Birthday.