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This is the way  I  look  at 86 years old  most of the time I am clean shaved  and  little or no hair.

       Lucky Mosley          

This is the way I looked in the movie Bonnie and Clyde. It was the first movie I was in I did stunts for Michael J Pollard the C. W. Moss character.  Director Arthur Penn said that my stunt work was some of the best stunt work he had ever seen also I went on to make over 100 movies. At this writing on February the 10th 2022 and on January the 20th, I received a notice that I  " LUCKY MOSLEY " name and a story will be placed in the book of Marquis Who's Who and in their Internet story of 2022-2023 this is a great honor I am so proud. I will add more later.

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I would like to tell you a little story.   When I was 9 years old I lived in west Dallas just off singleton street and I would go to the movies on Saturday and they would have a talent show one day I got up on stage and won second place (a 6 pack of Dr. Pepper)  by saying LADY'S AND  GENTlEMEN  I WANT TO TELL YOU A FACT I LOST MY PANTS ON A RAILROAD TRACk, ALONG CAME A TRAIN, CHOO,  CHOO CHOO, CUT MY PAINTS RIGHT  IN TWO.  How is that for a start in show business?

This is a picture of me in the movie Hell's Raiders. I played both an American soldier and a German soldier, after the film was cut into one scene I shot myself and no one but I know.

Hear  I want to tell you about my first trip to Hollywood to get a job to work in the movies. I was 29 years old and going to college. I was living in an apartment in Dallas Texas with some of my college friends George, Lester, Victor, and a couple more guys. Just out of the blue one day I told the guys I was going to Holly wood to work in the movies as a stunt man and maybe as an actor too. So after we all laughed for a little while we all agreed that I could probably do it. So they said good luck and I lift for Holly wood the next morning. When I got to Holly Wood the first thing I did was get a room at a boarding house a nice place and two meals a day. There were a lot of nice people living there and that is where I learned to play a card game called spades well the next I started calling every casting director that I could find a phone number for and to my surprise I could not make an appointment with anyone but I called every one of them every day. I called so many times that this lady begin to recognize my voice and call me my name she was real nice and said Lucky you told me you are from Dallas Texas I said yes mam I am and she told me that I should go back to Dallas and work in some movies there first then come back to Holly Wood with some credits and then I can get work. . I told her I had lived in Dallas for most of my life and the only movie I had ever heard of being made in Dallas was Our State Fair with Bat Boone, she said oh no lucky they make lots of movies in Dallas and in Texas. I thought it over and after a few days, I went back to my apartment in Dallas and began to look for an agent, and low and behold I found  Peggy Taylor  I called and she set an appointment. One of the guys that lived in the apartment where I was living told me he wanted to go with me to see Peggy Tayler because he wanted to be a male model so I said ok and he went with me to see Peggy when we got there Peggy really did like the other gay and told him  I think I can get you some work so I will sign you up and then she started to talk to me and said Lucky don't know if I can get you any work or not you don't really fit any particular type but I will sign you and see what happens. Well, we left and went home and this is what happen. Within a week I got my first audition call for the Warner Brothers movie Bonnie and Clyde as a stand-in and double also I drove all the old cars on and off the set also did all the stunts for Michael J.  Pollard the C.W. Moss character. In one scene where I was doing the stunt work as C.W. Moss where I ran out of the cabin in the State of Ohio and jumped on the car running board while it was driving away Mr. Penn the director after calling cut said with a loud voice as he jumped up in the air pulled off his hat and threw it to the ground and I quote " That WAS THE BEST G. D. STUNT WORK I EVERY SEEN "  I worked on that movie site for 90 days every day.  After that, it was Katy Bar The Door. I did more than 100 movies no one knows how many  T.V.  commercials and some stage work. and oh  I was just told on January 20th, 2022 by Marquis Who's Who in America that I was to be featured in the 2022  book and on their web page.   More later maybe I hope.

I played many different parts in the movies here I was a guru and I have been a caveman cook and  I was once just a caveman who was in love with cavewomen where we had to fight for our life.

 The story about me Lamar and Walter Hunt and the Dallas Texas football team. Cofounder of the American Football League. This was in the middle 1960s  we held regular meetings once a Mouth to figure out things we could do for the Dallas Texans Football League and some way Walter and I always got to sit next to each other Walter and I became fairly friendly to each other it's was always funny to me because Walter told me one time he said Lucky I think you and I went to college together I'm pretty sure I knew you then I just laughed and say I don't think so because at that point in time I hadn't even got my G.E.D.  Witch is a story of it on. Maybe later.

About my GED I went to North Texas college in Denton TX and took my GED test when I got the results back my English was in the lowest 10% of the nation so I went back home and I went to a private school I studied for three months the teacher told me that he was sure that I could pass my GED without any problems now so I went back to North Texas college to take my GED test again when I got the test I couldn't understand hardly anything about what was on the English test so I was not prepared but someone had written in the book that I got for the test and so I said hey what the hey I'll just put down what they put and so I did and when I got the test back I was in the top 10% of the nation on my English so I got my GED and I was very happy.

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This picture is shot on my boat where I was the captain of my shrimp boat in the movie Alamo Bay on a Ku Klux Klan raid against the Vietnamese shrimp fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico out from Fulton Texas.  I also owned a store where I sold shrimp wholesale.

In 1952 I worked on a shrimp boat as a deckhand based in Fulton, Texas and 40 years later I went back to Fulton, Texas to make the movies as a shrimp boat captain in Alamo Bay. HOW  ABOUT THAT FOR DE JA  VU?

This is my version of a 65 year old man when I was 28 Years old

This is a picture of John Travolta and I before I made him shave off his beard in the movie urban cowboys. John was a great guy and after the movie was over he would fly his jet plain into Dallas Tx. Then John would call me on the phone and take me and some other people out to dinner we always had a good time.  I know lots of good stories about  John and things he did for people that he knew.  I'll tell more later.

This is about the call I got on the phone from Peggy Taylor to go do the audition for Urban Cowboys in Houston Texas I took my old pickup with the camper on the back that my daddy gave me my wife Doris the two kids Chuck and Jim  and we went to Houston for the audition and we got there it was what we call of cattle call there were lots of people there and when I got there Sherrie Rhode was there as the casting director and she gave me a script and I sat with a bunch of people in a room studying the script so I was praying and asking for guidance as to what to say and how to say it so that I might get the part lo and behold it came to me how to read the script and how to say the words and when I went in to audition there was John Travolta there and I was kind of surprised but I didn't let it bother me and when I read the script did exactly the way I was told in my head to do it apparently John liked it real well and when I was done they told me to leave, I left and probably 20 feet out of the room here come Sherry telling me, in exciting voice, that I've gotten the part that John said that I had done the very best of anybody who read that part for me, he made me feel like I was a little boy, and BOY was I surprised . After that I took the family went on to Galveston and spent a little while on the beach and then we went back home waiting for the call to go make the movie.

About The Dangerous Moment Stunt Man Association. Wayne Dillard and I  trained movies stuntmen. There was  Wayne Dillard" also known as Shane Dillard" My self Lucky Mosley,  Randy Fife, Jesse Kirby, Robert Youngblood, Bob Denver, Charles Mosley,  also known as "Chuck Mosley the youngest movie stunt boy in America at five years old ."  Called so by New York  Back Stage, and many more.

When I was 13 we "my mother, younger sister, younger brother and I" left Dallas to go to West Texas to work in the fields chopping cotton and when we got there we had a hail storm and it kept us from working in the fields for at least two weeks. So we had to go find a job becouse it was gonna be a two week off before we could go back to work so we went into Abilene And rented a  little house on the east side of town and mother got her a job working at a printing shop and I went looking for a job I was a little dude I was about 5 foot tall and weigh about 100 pounds, and I went looking for work I stopped at every store all the way from the north side of Abilene up down every street no job I asked every store no job then I went to the Southside and I went up down every street and I was on the very last street in the entire town going towards Mac Murray college and I stopped at the service station and I asked a man for a  job and he asked me had I ever worked in service station I told him no but I had pumped gas for my mother car, but he said no, he didn't need any help so I asked the guy what was the writhing on the side of the building next door I could not read the words and I ask him what they said and he said, it says Abilene Venetian Blinds so I went next door a went inside and the gentleman inside was named mister Lancaster and I ask him for a job and he asked me do I now anything about Venetian blinds and I told him no I really didn't but my aunt had some at her house in Dallas and when they broken I took the string that had  pulled out the bottom and I put it back in the bottom again and it worked just fine so he said can you cut weeds I said yes I do that all the time, he said I got some weeds out back  do you wanna cut some weeds for me, and I said, sure I'll be glad to do anything to work, so I went outside and it was hot like 110 degrees, and I kept working cutting the weeds, mister Lancaster kept telling me ,you need to stop, you need to rest, I kept saying no, I do this kind of work all the time. I cut all the weeds and he said, OK, you need to rest a little, then he had me go inside and let me sweep the floors and I did a good job of sweeping the floors and so he let me do a little work there doing different things and he put me to work full time, and I worked therefrom, the very bottom job all the way up to the head spray gun painter, and I stayed with him for 10 months before I left. That was my second full-time job where they withheld taxes. The moral of this story is if at first, you don't succeed, try, try, again.

This  is how I looked when we made the movie big bad john with Jimmy Dean   in 1990.

    This is one of my Marine stories

 Well, here I am to tell you about the fight I had when I was in the Marine Corps boot camp. I had one fight the year before in the golden gloves and I can't remember if I won or lost but the announcer kept calling me the smiling boxer. About the second month when I was in boot camp this was in about March of 1953 we had a smoker at the boot camp area there were about 1000 men there and my drill instructors was trying to get a boxer to complete with some other member of boot camp area and my drill instructor had heard that I had one fight when I was in the golden gloves and so he set up a fight with some guy in another group but I didn't wanna fight him because I wasn't too sure of myself but my drill instructor showed me this little guy smaller than I was but it looked like he was older than I was and so I told him once more I didn't wanna fight this guy but they kept after me so finally I said " OK" when we got out to the center of ring the referee said that we were to touch gloves and come out fighting when the bell range this guy jumped up into the air he hit me on top of the head he started hitting me like he was a rivet gun and he beat me all way down and all the way until I was  halfway under the ropes yelling I quit, I quit, I quit, as it turned out this guy was a  lightweight  champion and I was just the lightweight chump. That's how it was good I didn't have any more fights after that. NOT IN THE RING ANYWAY.

I did a lot of TV and movie production with no hair.

I did a Doctor Pepper commercial where I was a karate instructor and Charlie Dale was a little guy and was just looking on as I was instructing the karate class and he came into the room then he drank a doctor pepper he hit the table with a karate chop he broke the table in two and the room fail a part he and Doctor Pepper was the hero. It was funny.

This was Merton of the Movies  I was Merton. I'm the man in the black hat at the table.

 In the movie, I made one scene about a fight on the floor of the bar where I hit this guy with an uppercut and knock him all the way up to the top of the second floor over the banisters upon the floor next to the lady standing there. This of course was supposed to be funny and it was. Anyways I also did the stunt work.

This is the way I looked when I worked in the movie of mice and men with Randy Quaid and Robert Blake. I was a stunt man and actor.

I also worked in the movie  Corkey  with  Robert Blake as a dancer.

I  trained in  Taekwondo karate for many years also I am also a  united states Marines Korea Veteran.

This is the way I looked in Midnight  Cowboys with John Voight and Dustin Hoffman. I was 32 years old and played a 17- year old teenage gang leader. By the way, these or the same clothes I wore in the movie Bonnie and Clyde.

Just to let you know I was in four Bonnie and Clyde movies and I was co-lead as Clyed in one. I was in the first scene as a service station attendant of the first Dallas T.V. show and was in 4 shows all together.  Also in 4  walker Texas ranger T.V. showers.

This is where I was the Grand Marshal of the Red  Oak City Annual founder Day Parade, I am the one on the right.


I played this old man many times. This picture was taken when i was  35 years old.

This is how I looked on my boat in  movie Alamo Bay.

Peggy Taylor  was my agent for over 40 years it just broke my heart when she past. I will tell lots more later.

This is the way I looked on the T.V.  series guilty or innocent seasons one. I was co-lead the wrestling promoter.





I spent five more years here working taking care of the kids that were hearing impaired and driving the school bus, then retired at a total of 20 years when I was 81 years old. 

I was in a lot of Larry Buchanan Movies and he was a good friend to me.

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One time when I was about 20 I went to a dentist office to get my teeth worked on I was in the dental chair and the nurse brought me a little peel and told me to swallow it. So I did. And while the dentist was working on me I took a little trip up into the clouds and while I was there I visited with God I didn't see God I just talked with him. He was a nice and friendly and I ask God what would be relevant in my life and God said when something is relevant in your life I will tell you it's relevant and then my visit was over I woke up and asked my dentist what the little pill was he said it was a 10 milligram valued. I said Doc don't ever give me anything like that again. I am now 88 years old and many times that voice has came back to me and it kept me from getting hurt also saved my life a few times probably.

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