Stories about my life

This is my wife Doris and myself at my brother L.G. Mosley and his wife Jennifer,s 57th -anniversary party at his home in Lancaster Texas.

Lester mount and I had entered a canoe race that was to start at Lake Dallas and end at California Crossing  in Carrollton TX, we were using a canoe that Lester had made himself out of plywood and fiberglass, when we started the race there were 33 canoes, we started the race and went under Interstate highway 35 bridge, then on to the damn had to Portage over the dam and into the Creek, it was flooded to the top of the trees because we had just had a hard rain, the water was swift as we went down the Creek we would see people in the top of the trees where their canoes had turned over and they were in the top of the trees waiting for somebody to come by and pick them, up but we were in a race and we didn't stop for anyone, we were slow, when we got to the California crossing we were in last place, we were number 19 to finish all the rest are wiped out, Lester and I received a trophy saying we were last place, believe it or not we were proud of that last place trophy, because we got to finish the race.

This is the photograph that I got from Jake a real fan of urban Cowboys Jake ask me to sign it along with many members of the staff of urban Cowboys I'm proud to have this picture thank you Jake, from Haven, KS if you feel that I stole this picture from you let me know and I'll take it down your friend lucky Mosley

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              This is a picture of Ella  May and Lucky Mosley our first year of marriage

This is when I was Grand Marshall for the city of Red Oak, Founder's  Day Parade in Red Oak, TX I'm sorry I don't know the name of this nice looking- woman beside me she drove the car for me while I waved at the people. thank you